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Yoga equipment 101: 6 essentials to invest in

I’m often asked about yoga equipment and what I recommend. 

So in this blog post, I’ve compiled some of my favourite yoga equipment to help you get the most out of your yoga practice. 

Now, let me be clear, you don’t need all of this equipment to start! A yoga mat is all you need really. But, having said that, good quality yoga equipment can definitely help you take your yoga practice to the next level and help you get into certain asanas. 

I hope this helps and happy yoga practice!

Yoga Mats

If you start with a good quality yoga mat that’s already a great first step. Here are my recommendations and estimated prices. 

Yoga mat

Chin Mudra Standard yoga mat 4.5mm: the budget-friendly option

This is the mat I personally use for my practice. I like it because it’s affordable, non-toxic and certified OEKO-TEX. It’s also washable and the grip is pretty good. 

Another bonus is that it comes in 2 lengths (183cm or 220cm) which is great for tall people. It’s tear-resistant and non-allergenic and also comes in a thinner 3mm thickness. 

Overall, I’d say this is a good mat if you have an intensive yoga practice. It also works well for Iyengar and Vinyasa yoga.

Price range 28-34€. Get yours here

Manduka Pro yoga mat 6mm: the mat loved by the pros

This mat is considered the Rolls Royce of yoga mats by many yoga teachers around the world and with good reason. It is built to last a lifetime. Made in Germany, the mat is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®️which means it does not contain toxic substances. 

It’s made using closed-cell technology which, according to Manduka, prevents it from absorbing bacteria and moisture. Please note this also means that if you sweat a lot it can get slippery so you will probably need to pair it with a yoga mat towel. It also comes in an extra-long version. 

Price 115€. Get yours here

Manduka prolite yoga mat 4.7mm: the lighter version of the pro

This is the perfect mat if you want the same quality and comfort as the Manduka Pro Mat but you’re looking for a more lightweight option. 

Price 95€. Get yours here.

Lululemon Reversible yoga mat 5mm

Another great yoga mat that many yoga teachers recommend. Having tried it myself during a class at Kala Studio in Nice, I found the grip to be great. I’m also told it’s super resistant so you can travel around the world with it and it won’t budge! 

It is made of natural rubber with a grippy top layer that absorbs moisture. It also has an antimicrobial additive that prevents it from getting mouldy. 

Price 98 €. Get yours here

PS: You can pair this mat with a carrying strap that also doubles up as a yoga belt for when you need to stretch in class (genius!). Get the belt here

Lululemon Reversible big yoga mat 5mm

The same mat as above but in a longer length (213cm)! This is great for tall people as most standard yoga mats are only 180cm long. 

Price 128€. Get yours here.  

Yoga Blocks 

Cork yoga bricks

Yoga blocks are a very helpful accessory to have. If you have tight hips or fragile knees you can use yoga blocks as a support to sit on or you can place them under your knees in various yoga postures. You can also use them to help with balance or when your arms feel “too short” and you need an extra few inches! 

Having super tight hips myself, I’m a big fan of this versatile yoga prop! 

Cork blocks: to lengthen and support

These are the ones I personally use. They are made from cork which is a natural non-toxic material. I also think they look a lot nicer than the foam ones! 

Cork is very durable so you will have these for a long time. You can buy them individually or as a pair (I recommend getting a pair). 

Price 9€ for a single brick or 18€ for a pair. Get yours here.  

Slanted plank: wrist and shoulder support

You can use a slanted yoga plank to alleviate any pain or tension in the wrists in postures such as wheel pose or under the shoulders when you are in a shoulder stand. If you get a cork plank like the Chin Mudra one, you’ll find it is non-slip and again a natural and very durable material. 

Price 9€. Get yours here.  

Large low block

This type of block is helpful to put underneath your sitting bones in certain seated postures if your knees are high up off the ground or your sitting bones aren’t level on the floor in a posture. 

You can also use it under the shoulders in a shoulder stand or even pile several up to rest the feet on when you’re in Halasana (plough pose) for example. 

Price 9 €. Get yours here

Yoga Belts

If you have tight muscles and/or a limited range of motion, yoga belts are your friend. You can use them to intensify stretches (like a hamstrings stretch for example) and to help you go further yet safely into a posture if you’re unable to bind. 

They can also help with alignment, or when you need a few little extra inches. Again, yoga belts are such a versatile yoga prop to have and I use mine all the time! 

Chin Mudra Yoga belts

These are the ones I personally use. They are 2m50 long and made of 100% organic cotton. They have a Classic buckle and are available in a variety of colours. 

Price 8 €. Get yours here.

Yogamatters Classic Yoga belts 2m

These yoga belts come in a variety of lengths so you can choose the one that works best for you. They come with a classic sliding bar metal buckle. They are made from 100% natural cotton. 

Price 8.95 €. Get yours here.  

Yoga Blankets

Yoga blankets are often used to cover up in Savasana (the final relaxation posture) and keep the body warm. They are also used when you need a little support or cushioning, for example under the shoulders in some inversions, under the sitting bones in certain postures and so forth. 

Cotton blankets

Cotton blankets are good for sitting on and rolling into a firm, comfortable support. Yogamatters have a wide selection

Their natural cotton blanket is 33 € and you can get it here.

Cosy fleece-style blankets

I’ve seen these a lot in studios as well. Fleece-style blankets tend to be less firm than cotton blankets and are best for covering up and keeping warm or for using as a prop during a restorative yoga practice. 

Yogamatters fleece blanket 40€, get it here

Yoga Bolsters 

A yoga bolster is often used when you need to stay in the posture for a longer time and you need a little support. You can also use it under the knees in Savasana (to ease any lower back pain), to sit on, or in poses where you are on your shoulders, or anywhere you need support really! 

Chin Mudra yoga bolsters

Chin Mudra offers a classic round bolster or a more oval-shaped one. The oval bolster is lower and offers a wider base of support. 

Oval bolster and round bolster start at 45 €. 

Yogamatters bolsters

I’m sending you to Yogamatters again because this site really has a nice selection of yoga equipment and plenty of colours and prints to choose from. Prices generally start at around 50 € for a bolster, but sometimes you might be lucky and get one on sale. Get a yoga bolster here

Yoga Clothing Brands

Now that we’ve covered yoga equipment. You might be wondering about what to wear.

There are SO many yoga clothing brands out there! I personally struggle a bit with yoga clothing brands because I often find yoga clothing really expensive. Yet at the same time, I don’t necessarily want to shop at some lower-priced retailers due to potentially less-than-ideal ethical and quality standards. 

Do you struggle with this too? With that being said, here are some yoga clothing brands I have either tested and liked or that have been recommended to me.

Yoga Searcher 

Lorna Jane


Oceans Apart


Your turn 

So there you have it, my yoga equipment guide! I hope you found it helpful. Let me know if you have any questions (or if you try any of these options) in the comments below.

And, as always, please share this blog with anyone you think might benefit from this information. For more yoga and lifestyle content, check out the rest of my blog! You can also connect with me on Instagram.

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