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5 resources to help you do a soulful year in review and set goals for 2022

Whether you want to do a year in review but you’re not sure how to go about it, or you’re over new year resolutions but you’d still like to draw up a vision for the year ahead, I’ve got you covered with the 5 resources I share in this post.

It’s not too late! In my book, you can legit use the whole month of January for a review of the last year and to set your intentions for the new year. 

Now, I’m not saying you HAVE to set intentions for the new year, I see how stressful that can be. But, if seeing how far you’ve come over the past 12 months and drawing a vision for the year ahead IS something you’re thinking about, then keep reading. 

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How to do a year in review

Let’s get started! 

This is probably my favourite year in review method and it’s the one I’ve been using for the past two years. This isn’t a 10-minute job but rather a light your candles, burn some incense, make yourself your favourite beverage and dive in kind of situation! 

1. An in-depth year in review using the SPACER method by Imogen Roy 

The SPACER acronym stands for strategy, pay, achievements, challenges, energy, and relationships. These are the areas you’ll uncover with some thought-provoking prompts from Imogen herself. 

Imogen details the whole process on her podcast, and if you prefer to read (like me) head over here.

2. 10 questions to review the past year by Nedra Tawabb – perfect for when you’re short on time 

Therapist Nedra Tawabb is one of my favourite accounts to follow on Instagram. She dishes out invaluable wisdom in her easy-to-understand and practical bullet points format posts. Her thing is helping people create healthy relationships and she often talks about boundaries, understanding your needs, and setting limits.

Here, she shares a 10 question process to wrap up 2021. I think this is a particularly good one if you want to do a soulful year in review exercise but you’re short on time

Setting goals and intentions for 2022

3. Choose 3 words to guide your year 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by resolutions, the idea of setting S.MA.R.T goals or perhaps you’re simply not in the mood, then you may love the 3 words method by Imogen Roy.

Imogen advocates for this less formal method which she says is “more effective than resolutions and more practical than goals”.

In this method, rather than mapping out the year and tying yourself down to set-in-stone goals and a potentially stressful schedule, you’ll simply choose 3 words that will be your guiding point throughout the year. 

Once that is done, all you have to do is ask yourself if you are doing things that are bringing you closer to the words you’ve chosen.

Imogen shares why this process is important, why she chose it and how you can implement it in this podcast episode (you can also read the transcript here). 

4. The Bossbabe roadmap for setting and achieving goals in 2022

If you’re not familiar with Bossbabe then you need to go and check out their insta right now! Famous for its inspirational quotes, the company is a major online educational media company for women. 

Founders Natalie Ellis and Danielle Canty are full of practical and inspirational entrepreneurship advice. And that includes setting (and achieving goals). 

In one of her recent newsletters, Natalie Ellis shared her method for setting and achieving goals. And the good news is, it’s been wrapped up nicely into a workbook. The “Create your future workbook” is a practical roadmap to achieve what you want in both your personal and business life in 2022. 

If you want to get clear on your 2022 vision and make a plan of actionable steps then this might be just right for you. Download the workbook here

5. If your focus is on setting income goals 

If your focus this year is your income goals, then Denise Duffield Thomas is the woman for you. She is a world-famous money mindset mentor helping women achieve their money goals. 

Denise is running a “Breakthrough your income Plateau” workshop from January 12-20, 2022 (look at that amazing numerology right there!). 

This one’s for you if you want to focus on your money goals but you’ve reached an income plateau and you don’t want to work harder. There’s also a worksheet to help you get clear on your income target and the blocks holding you back.

Find yourself an accountability buddy and sign up right here

PS: I’ve signed myself up with a friend and can’t wait! I love Denise’s workshops because they’re very helpful but there isn’t too much info overwhelm. There are also self-paced video and transcribed options to suit everyone! I’m also a fan of her books, which are packed with great tips! 

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I hope you’ll find these 5 resources to help you review the past year and set your vision for 2022 useful. Even if you’re not on board for new year resolutions, reviewing the past year of your life is a deep and meaningful exercise that can help you remember things you may have forgotten, see how you’ve grown or changed, celebrate what you’ve achieved etc.

Let me know in the comments below which resources you’re going to try! And, as always, share it with anyone you think could be interested. For more yoga and lifestyle content, check out the rest of my blog! You can also connect with me on Instagram.

Be well,


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